Persephone's Bounty

When Kore was crossing a certain river, she saw some clayey mud. She took it up thoughtfully and began to fashion a man. While she was pondering on what she had done, Jove came up; Kore asked him to give the image life, and Jove readily grant this. When Kore wanted to give it her name, Jove forbade, and said that his name should be given it. But while they were disputing about the name, Gaia arose and said that it should have her name, since she had given her own body. They took Kronos for judge; he seems to have decided for them: Jove, since you gave him control of the fate of men let Kore receive his body after death; since Kore fashioned him; let her Gaia possess him as long as he lives, but since there is controversy about his name, let him be called homo, since he seems to be made from humus.
– Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 220

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