Blacklight Reactive Posters

On occasion we have celebrated 4/20 with the release of BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE POSTER, an olfactory tribute to formative experiences in head shops and other environments known for their proximity to doobage — you know, vans, dorm rooms, sketchy hallways, your divorced dad’s bachelor pad, etc.

This year the world could use an imaginary contact high more than ever, so we’ve expanded the concept to include five specific posters, each one celebrating a different stoner stereotype and giving off waves of the woo-woo.

We repeat, BPAL’s cannabis accord won’t get you high, but it may induce acute pangs of nostalgia for the first time you walked into a room where rips were being bonged, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

[Please note that BPAL’s in-house printer ink is not super UV reactive. It’s conceptual, just go with it! However, the first 50 bottles of each scent will be accented with UV paint by hand, thanks to our trusty goblins.]

Flash art by John Herndon:

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