The Empress

The Daughter of Heaven and Earth, the Fruitful Mother of Thousands. An avatar of Demeter and all the goddesses of the earth, she is the personification of the land and the nurturer of all Creation. Also an avatar of Aphrodite and the myriad goddesses of love, she is the Queen of the Honeyed Heart and the passion that drives the generative function of all things. She represents secular authority and the power of queens throughout the ages, but she is also the principle of feminine energy as it manifests in the physical world. Within her womb, she nurtures three kingdoms, and within the palms of her hands, she holds the key to creation. She is the land itself, and holds within herself the miracle of life on this plane. She is Attraction Incarnate, and she pulls to herself all that she requires and desires. She is the fecundity of the Earth, she is spiritual fruitfulness, she is life-giving power, she is the potency of the creative principle and the fountain of abundance. She is sexuality, she is motherhood, she is the glory of the feminine principle of love that grants sustenance, nurturing, and the gift of life itself. She is generosity and warmth, she is the expansiveness of love, she is Spirit in harmony with Nature.

How will you wield your own power and passion? What will you nurture, and what nurtures you?

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