Teddy's Junk Tour

A few years back Beth and I were walking the streets of Edinburgh when I noticed a statue of a man with his naughty bits hanging out. It was cold – really cold – and I commented to Beth that I would personally not want my junk bouncing around in the freezing air like that, especially for all eternity. I posted the photo on Instagram and titled it Junk. We both had a laugh about it, and some of our friends commented that I should make a perfume of the Junk. As we traveled more, I noticed that tons more statues, wall reliefs, sculptures, and paintings had their junk hanging out for all to see. Tons of Cherub Junk, some Unicorn Junk, some Paleolithic Junk. All manner of Junk.

In that moment, I knew my life’s mission.
I have collected some of the more interesting and fun junk photos that I took while I was wandering around the United Kingdom and France for your enjoyment. And with that, I present Ted’s Junk Tour: inspired by Junk, perfumed by Beth.

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