The Hearthstone and the Heat

The heart is, as it were, the hearthstone and source of the innate heat by which the animal is governed… The heart is a hard flesh, not easily injured. In hardness, tension, general strength, and resistance to injury, the fibers of the heart far surpass all others, for no other instrument performs such continuous, hard work as the heart… The complexity of [the heart’s] fibers… was prepared by Nature to perform a variety of functions… enlarging when it desires to attract what is useful, clasping its contents when it is time to enjoy what has been attracted, and contracting when it desires to expel residues.

While Galenic physiology may not have been spot-on regarding the basic structures and anatomical functions of the heart, Galen’s assessments can be read quite accurately as metaphors.

A series of scents inspired by the human heart in all its resilience and vulnerability.

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