Virtualcon: Atlanta 2023

Some of the most common requests we field during convention appearances, especially from BPAL newcomers, relate to aromatherapy — a field of knowledge which informs our scent creation process, and may inform how folks react to certain fragrances, even when therapy (aroma- or otherwise) is not specifically the intent.

This year we’re arriving at Dragon Con with a dedicated series of aromatherapy oils blended in anticipation of these queries, available only for the duration of the event and in extremely limited quantities. Let the great recomposure begin!

Disclaimer: BPAL’s aromatherapy blends are purely for your personal enjoyment. Our recommendations are not medical advice, and these products are not intended as medical treatment or as a replacement for medical treatment. For external use only. If you have questions about how particular components may affect those with specific illnesses or interact with certain medications, please seek the advice of a medical doctor.

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