Black Friday

We hate Black Friday.

And we’re pretty sure everyone else does too! However we’re trying to foster that giving spirit in ourselves and others, because that’s what the world needs more than ever. The Temptation of St. Nick will be live from November 23-26, and every single order placed on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Filler Whatever Sunday, or Cyber Monday – regardless of whether you buy St. Nick – will receive two imps of Incolumitas, one to keep and one to share. It’s been a very challenging year for so many, and this little imp of Incolumitas is our gesture of bottled kindness. Incolumitas is a scent of safety and security, of peace of mind and freedom from harm: warm honeyed patchouli, bourbon vanilla, sweet sage, and lavender.

The goblins over at Black Phoenix Trading Post got in on the action as well. Go check out Goblin Stampede and Goblin Workshop: Yule Chaos on their site!

Art by Aidan Casserly!

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