Class refers to your character’s choice of adventuring profession.

  • Bard


    3.75 out of 5

    A ridiculously charismatic blend of bay rum, honey, and white musk mingling with the scent of harp wood and lute strings and the twang of horn brass.

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  • Cleric


    4.8 out of 5

    Rose amber, frankincense, myrrh, champaca flower, Peru balsam, cistus, palisander, cananga, hyssop, and narcissus absolute.

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  • Druid


    4 out of 5

    A woolen robe infused with the scent of a vast, primordial forest: ancient trees, fertile soil, wild herbs, spring grasses, and burgundy pitch incense.

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  • Fighter


    3.9 out of 5

    Leather, musk, blood, and steel.

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  • Mage


    4.25 out of 5

    All mystique and thrumming power: gurjum balsam, Sumatran dragon’s blood resin, olibanum, galangal, oleo gum resin, and frankincense.

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  • Paladin


    4.38 out of 5

    Immaculate white musk, sweet frankincense, bourbon vanilla, white leather, and shining armor.

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  • Ranger


    3.67 out of 5

    Untamed wilderness: buckskin accord with Terebinth pine, Russian birch, black ironwood, elder bark, hay, armoise, juniper, patchouli, galangal root, Spanish moss, and cabreuva.

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  • Rogue


    4.5 out of 5

    Soft, well-worn black leather, hemp, and rosin.

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