Amber - Touched

  • Label art that reads To a Dead Friend

    To A Dead Friend Perfume Oil

    The moon still sends its mellow light
    Through the purple blackness of the night;
    The morning star is palely bright
    Before the dawn.

    The sun still shines just as before;
    The rose still grows beside my door,
    But you have gone.

    The sky is blue and the robin sings;
    The butterflies dance on rainbow wings
    Though I am sad.

    In all the earth no joy can be;
    Happiness comes no more to me,
    For you are dead.

    – Langston Hughes

    A night-black cloak of wild plum and indigo musk twinkling with starry eucalyptus leaf and white amber. The petals of a faded rose, amber-touched. Wildflower honey drifting on butterfly wings.

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