Fudge Brownie

  • A photo of a chocolate lab

    Margaret Magdalena Muffinhead Perfume Oil

    Last week, our puppy, Maggie, went in for a routine spay. Today we found out that she has a potentially catastrophic infection, and she was rushed to emergency for exploratory surgery. The regular and emergency vet bills are massive (and climbing) so we’re doing a fundraiser for her to ensure that we are able to afford the care she needs.

    Miss Margaret Magdalena is a chocolate lab baby so her perfume is a thick, smoky fudge brownie scent with a heavy handful of coffee beans. She has golden eyes with a hint of green, so I added a bit of caramelized amber and green cardamom.

    Once we cover her medical bill, all proceeds from this scent above the cost of manufacture will be donated to Red Rover, an organization that shelters and cares for animals displaced by disaster and reconnects pets with their owners, rescues and cares for animals saved from abuse situations, and helps people to obtain urgent veterinary care. In addition, Red Rover works with domestic violence shelters to help survivors of domestic violence and their pets escape abusive environments together.

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