Mango - Red

  • Cruor Perfume Oil

    A milestone: after thirteen years, Lilith cut their hair. Leaving the realm of 2020’s pinks, blues, and greens, they dyed their hair blood red.

    A blood-red cascade of strawberry pulp, red currant, red mango, and red musk.

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  • How to Write the Beat of Love Perfume Oil

    How write the beat of love, the very throb,

    The rhythm of our veins’ deep eloquence?

    How fix that darkness―rending final sob,

    That perfect swoon of each united sense.


    The full-sailed rising of your body’s sweep

    ― Adrift and safe on joy’s last tidal wave ―

    Will toss you on the silver sands of sleep,

    Forgetful of the ecstacy you gave.


    Your breath ebbs restful as the falling tide:

    A sea becalmed!… Lay me in valleyed part

    Of breasts whose undulating crests subside ― 

    Ah how they marked the high beats of your heart!

    – Natalie Clifford Barney

    The high beat of your heart: pulsating red musk, red mango, labdanum, black honey, black gardenia, Indonesian patchouli, and champaca blossom.

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  • Web art that says Red Mango and Green Tea