May-June 2022

  • And I Wede My Corne Well I-Now Perfume Oil

    Wherein we nurture life so that it can, in turn, further nurture life. The scent of the hay harvest suffused with golden amber sunbeams, green cardamom, a handful of hazelnuts, and a bit of clove husk.

    Proceeds from this scent benefit the Los Angeles Food Bank.

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  • I Am As Lyght As Byrde In Bowe Perfume Oil

    In May, we celebrate love, passion, and fecundity, and spells are woven for protection and fruitfulness. It is a month of courting and hawking, a celebration of romance, joy, and freedom, and a reminder that hope truly is eternal.

    A hawk in flight: white sage, tonka bean, orris root, cinnamon bark, patchouli root, feather-light vanilla absolute, russet benzoin, myrrh, champaca, and incense smoke.

    Proceeds from this scent benefit Trans Lifeline. May we all have the support we need in order to thrive, be safe, and experience joy.

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