Mint Chypre

  • A Vigilant Eye At Heaven’s Center Perfume Oil

    When everything was high,
    there waited the cold emerald,
    the emerald gaze:
    it was a vigilant eye
    at heaven’s center,
    center of the void:
    the emerald that looked on:
    unique, hard, immensely green,
    as if it were an ocean-eye,
    an immobile water-eye,
    drop of God,
    cold victory,
    tower of greenness.

    – Pablo Neruda

    Of all the many colors that Lilith has dyed her hair, I think this is my favorite.

    An emerald green, a verdant green, a green that is bursting with life, vitality and joy. This is the wet, bright green of wild growth: tiger fig leaf, coconut palm, neroli, mint chypre, green labdanum, green apple, jungle leaves, white amber, coriander, and tea leaf.

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