Oakmoss - Wild


    Paisley Sheet Ghost Perfume Oil

    Inspired by shapes in nature, such as fruits, nuts, leaves, and trees, this lively pattern is Persian in origin, evolving over the centuries from a simpler floral design into a “boteh” or bush, gradually becoming the curved, teardrop-shaped element we’re familiar with today. A pattern with a rich and varied history, it only became popularized as “paisley” when shawl-makers in the town of Paisley, Scotland began copying the latest designs coming out of Kashmir.

    This worldliness (not to mention associations with the psychedelic movement of the 1960s) imparts a sense of bohemian sophistication to paisley sheet ghost encounters, leaving witnesses with many intriguing questions. For example: is that ectoplasm, or hash resin?

    Weedsmoke-infused white sandalwood, wild oakmoss, cannabis flower accord, hash resin accord, tonka bean, lavender bud, champaca flower, and tolu balsam.

    Please note: this perfume contains no THC, no cannabis, no mary jane, no doobage, no squidgy black, no nothin’. Get thee to a dispensary, go.

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