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Bathsheba Perfume Oil


The Seventh Daughter, Daughter of the Oath. She was King David’s lover, and the mother of King Solomon. Her scent is breathtakingly lovely, exotic and powerfully sensual in its innocence: carnation, sensual plum, and Arabian musk.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. susnsmsh

    One of the very first imps I took a chance on. I could NOT be more pleased. I wish I could bathe in this scent, it is so delicious. Beautifully floral and sensual without being cloying. Perfect.

  2. lookingglass

    This is beautiful…dark purple tangy plum with pink carnation swirl and dead sexy musk. I can pick out each individual note clearly. A wonderful example of what I love to call BPAL’s “fruitientals”.

  3. Gloame

    This reminds me a lot of Arkham. It’s very green and crisp. A little fruit/plum in there, but not too much. It’s nice, but it doesn’t really speak to me.

  4. puck_nc

    Plenty of musk, but there’s also plenty of carnation with the plum as a pleasant zing in the background. A nicely balanced, sophisticated scent.

  5. VetchVespers

    This is wonderful. I feel like I’ve bathed in exotic and expensive red wine. Rich, decadent, fruity, and spicy. Gorgeous – Worthy of a queen.

  6. [email protected]

    After a full body test, this blend morphed into a very light floral. Clean and pleasant but didn’t stay on my body long.

  7. claudia6913

    This scent is in my top 5 favorite BPAL general catalog scents. The scent itself is floral with the lovely spice of carnation. It is sensual without being over done. I keep a few bottles of this on hand at all times so I never run out.

  8. Sara

    the blend of plum and carnation is delightful. a perfect mixture of juicy fruit and delicate flowers, with a layer of warm musk. this is a grown-up scent, very polished.

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