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An olfactory serenede. A somber, contemplative scent — dreamy and subdued. Deepest violet touched with lilac and tuberose.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. xancanfly

    This scent is beautiful! Very sweet, but not overpowering or immature. Most scents seem to smell super powdery on me but this one doesn’t. It is stronger on me than some BPAL scents– when I move I keep getting a whiff of it and wondering, “what smells so good?” before I remember that it is me. I got an imp, will most likely repurchase!

  2. kribrenn14

    If you like sweet florals and violet, you’ll like this. This is a pure floral scent. Violet is predominate, the lilac and rose come out more through the day. It has a somewhat powdery scent to it, at least on me. I give it a 4 because it’s a pretty light scent and I would personally prefer a bit more scent throw.

  3. hotaru1301

    in the bottle: absolutely beautiful blend. Lilac tends to overpower a lot of the times that it is used, but not here. This is a garden at night. all of the flowers blend perfectly together.

    wet on skin: violet and lilac in the forefront. There is a little heavy rose grounding everything and
    keeping it from being too airy. It blends together in a deep inhale and then fades.

    30+ mins: the scent is very soft and gentle. The sweetness of the violet mixes well with the lilac. This is like an innocent version of Les Fleurs du Mal. There’s a very calm night impression coming off this scent.

    3+ hours: There is still a sweetness to this floral. The violets and lilacs give the sweet scent a very fruity element. This now reminds me of Oya. If Oya is the Goddess of War and Ozone, Nocturne would be the night sky trailing in her wake. This is a very clear and airy scent. I could wear this everyday. It isn’t a dark and heavy scent. This is very feminine.

    If you like this scent but want a more mature and dominate aura, try Oya.

  4. Hellokoi

    In 2005, this was a cold, somber, clean violet scent. My latest samples (2016) are much warmer, sweeter and more complex. It smells of violet pastilles candy, slightly powdery, with a drydown of violet pastilles, lilac sugar crystals, and a sharp, clean, gauzy white floral feel from the tuberose. Very strong and long lasting, with a pleasant, candied floral scent.

  5. praetorius1980

    A wonderful floral. Smells of gardenia on me. A bit strong, but a very pleasant scent.

  6. Gloame

    Soft, sweet floral. The violet is prominent here. Smells like flowers blooming at night and quiet love.

    Feminine, floral, twilight.

  7. SaraGehring

    Very good. Delicate, yes, but exactly the violet-y fragrance I’ve been searching for.

  8. CindyWestfall

    I love this one – quite floral, but with the quality of gloaming at the edge of a meadow, rather than youth and sunshine. Tuberose was the predominant scent for me, drying down into subtler flowers. Glad I tried it!

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