The Black Tower

The Black Tower

Say that the men of the old black tower,
Though they but feed as the goatherd feeds,
Their money spent, their wine gone sour,
Lack nothing that a soldier needs,
That all are oath-bound men:
Those banners come not in.

There in the tomb stand the dead upright,
But winds come up from the shore:
They shake when the winds roar,
Old bones upon the mountain shake.

Those banners come to bribe or threaten,
Or whisper that a man’s a fool
Who, when his own right king’s forgotten,
Cares what king sets up his rule.
If he died long ago
Why do you dread us so?

There in the tomb drops the faint moonlight,
But wind comes up from the shore:
They shake when the winds roar,
Old bones upon the mountain shake.

The tower’s old cook that must climb and clamber
Catching small birds in the dew of the morn
When we hale men lie stretched in slumber
Swears that he hears the king’s great horn.
But he’s a lying hound:
Stand we on guard oath-bound!

There in the tomb the dark grows blacker,
But wind comes up from the shore:
They shake when the winds roar,
Old bones upon the mountain shake.

A sepulchral, desolate scent. Long-dead soldiers, oath-bound; the perfume of their armor, the chill wind that surges through their tower, white bone and blackened steel: white sandalwood, ambergris, wet ozone, galbanum and leather with ebony, teak, burnt grasses, English ivy and a hint of red wine.


Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. hlapayne

    received this as a frimp with my first bpal order! I’m no expert on notes and such so I can only really convey the feel I get from scents. In the imp and wet it somehow smelled choclately, but like a sickly kind of chocolate, which I was confused by lol. Now it has dried on my hand and it smells exactly like the incensey stuff they use around Easter time in church. Not unpleasant. Curious to see how it will change, but most probably not a scent for me!

  2. Yekupa

    I love this scent. Slightly musky ambergris but green green galbanum. I got a hint of something bright green like eucalyptus or something when wet. Dry was slightly floral, old decaying wood, vines wrapped around 100 year old trees. Love love love.

  3. gingystew

    Definitely a conversation fragrance… I’m going to wear it to work to see what the mainstream say about it. They’ll probably say I smell like death haha!

    I like putting these oils in my hair… they stay true to sent. And that mixed with the oil on my, gives these a whole other level!

  4. littlejackal

    The Black Tower is exactly what one would imagine a long-abandoned cathedral would smell like. The smell of burnt incense hits me first, with an interesting note of….cold stone? The ivy and leather are there, but much lighter. Truly an intriguing atmospheric scent.

  5. KeeleeHamomin

    I got this scent for my husband and he loves it. There are so many layers to it; the red wine and ivy, then the sandalwood and ozone, the teak and the leather. It’s so complex and it smells great on his skin. He wears it everyday, we’ll definitely buy more.

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