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Eros Perfume Oil


And eros again the loosener of limbs makes me tremble
A sweet-bitter unmanageable creature.

Myrrh, lilac, and honey wine with crimson tea leaf and sweet resins.


Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Katerina

    I got an imp ear of this one for free a couple of years ago but haven’t tried it till today, since from the bottle is smelled far too sweet for my tastes (the honey wine no doubt), but since I’ve been running low on my once large collection of imp ears I caved and decided to give it a go. Smelling it from the bottle after aging it was far less sweet, and the resins were more prominent. On my skin wet most of the honey wine smell is gone, and it mostly smells of resin. I don’t really get the myrrh until it dries. Idk if I’d be down to buy the full bottle, but it is much nicer on the skin then from the bottle, and I also think it does well aged for a while to help mellow out the honey wine smell, so I’m glad to have it. If you like sweet but somewhat masculine scents, you’d probably like this one.

  2. HeavyMetalJess

    My #1 favorite. All the notes blend beautifully on my skin. My only comment is that I wish it had a bit more sillage, but that’s remedied by just applying more. 🙂

  3. Danielle

    On the forums, I saw some reviewers mention a certain fizziness regarding this fragrance and I concur with this finding. To me there is a sharp ginger fizz floral in the first hour of application, but not overly sweet like ginger ale soda. It is too crisp and floral for that. I know that ginger is not listed in the scent list, so I’m not sure what I’m smelling…maybe the crimson tea leaf. In the dry down the fizz dies down and the honey steps up. The longevity and throw are average. Overall, this is really and truly a lovely, invigorating spring/summer fragrance and a full bottle is on my future wish list.

  4. flushedwithglee

    At first application, it’s _very_ strong, with (to my nose) notes of lime and pine. It’s simultaneously very floral and very clean. It mellows out after a few minutes into a sweet, fresh scent with a touch of incense. I agree with the other reviewer; it seems like it’d fit both men and women. It’s not my cup of tea, though (I prefer warmer, sultrier scents), so it gets a lukewarm rating. Not bad, just not for me.

  5. Kristen

    “Sweet-bitter” is spot on. HATED this on first smell from the bottle. I think it was the bitterness of the crimson tea leaf. Could not get past it.

    I decided to try it on. Once dry and maybe 30 minutes later, it was all heavy, but sweet resins with a touch of the honey wine. Really do like this scent once it mellows out a bit. Still a bit heavy and bitter to be a favorite, but quite nice. Works for a woman, but imagine this suits best as a more masculine scent. Maybe it is meant to be more masculine. I’m giving it 4 bars if used as a masculine scent, 3 if used as a feminine scent. Seems logical to me!

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