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Gaueko Perfume Oil


The Basque God of Night and all the perils of the darkness. Though he is the God of the Danger that Lurks in the Gloom, he is kind to men and warns them against the nighttime hazards and sets rules of conduct for both the living and the dead as they travel through his domain. It is said that since the warm, vibrant daylight is for the living, the abodes of night are reserved for the dead. All who heed his counsel are protected, but woe be to any man that disobeys the laws of Gaueko: he is swift to punish those that would scorn his advice. Blackened sandalwood and misty lavender, with curling wisps of smoky tobacco, nag champa, and labdanum.


Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Amanda

    Yuuuumy. It’s deliciously dark with just tiny wisps of the lavender in it. It works perfectly for my husband, but can easily be gender neutral because I think there’s enough sweetness under the dark to really make it interesting. It’s strong on him and I hope that means it’ll last all day. Viscompte de valoir was good on him too, but didn’t last very long

  2. movie maven

    Love Nag-Champa incense and also sandalwood & bits of lavender so on my first purchase i choose to try an imp, years ago. Only problem was my husband thought it to masculine on me, though he too enjoys the incense…? Odd. However, it’s still a secret indulgence & pleasure of mine.

  3. sglonder

    Probably my favorite from my recent order – the scents all really come together into something hippie-ish and enchanting – deep, but soft – the other reviews are spot on. plus, it’s one of the few that really lasts on me.

  4. jtilley

    Incredibly pungent and mysterious….the nag champa and sandalwood are earthy and dominant but the lavender is present and softens the nose… My wife loves it on me…. Smoky and rich….

  5. alina.m.hensley

    I absolutely agree with the above statement that Gaueko is a sleeper. No one knows about it. I discovered it on accident while playing in a box of my friend’s imps, and instantly knew I’d found “the one”. Everyone who smells this on me loves it. They never think it’s perfume, really, they just think I smell like that. A friend of mine describes it as warm and spicy, like Stevie Nicks’ tour bus. The Nag Champa, Sandalwood, and Patchouli in it really resonate (hahaha, resin-ate, get it,) they hum! But they are really softened and rounded out by the Lavender and Labdanum. It’s a very full, very warm “hippie” smell, flawlessly executed, and I’m about to buy my sixth bottle.

  6. lookingglass

    I’ve always thought of Gaueko as a sleeper. Of all of the hundreds of BPALs my partner has tried, this one one of his first, and sill a favorite, over 10 years later. The lavender is very dominant over the bottle, but quickly settles into a complex fresh yet creamy blend with the incense and resins. It ends up being fresh, but smoldering and so sexy.

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