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Thalia Perfume Oil


Good Cheer

Plumeria, pear and white champagne.


Est deus in nobis.

The Grataæ

The Graces, the Charities, the  Gratiæ: Goddesses of beauty, charm, celebration and merriment. They are the personification of all these aspects as found in both nature and mortal life. Daughters of Zeus and the oceanid Eurynome, they are Aphrodite’s attendants and work in harmony with the Muses as fountains of inspiration in the arts. In their aspect as fertility and nature deities, these Goddesses are associated with the Underworld and the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Rebecca

    Plumeria and champagne dominate Thalia on my skin, with what almost seems like a citrus note. The pear remains in the background, so on drydown Thalia is a fizzy floral that reminds me of a ditzy blonde — kind of a Gracie Allen scent. Fun to try, but not really me.

  2. Sabrina

    I got Thalia as a frimp and I first wore it on a bad, grumpy day. It lifted my mood completely. It smells like ginger ale to me at first and dries down so effervescent and fresh. I don’t smell pear at all but the plumeria comes through well. I really really enjoy wearing this, a perfect pick me up.

  3. tankgirl136

    I am biased this is one of my top 2 scents. It has a sweet, but light scent, that is as described cheerful. It is lightly bubbly, with a balance that is not a heavy sweet, but a gentle sweet that can be nicely worn on any day.

    The notes are pretty true to form, on this one. Its a classic.

  4. Gloame

    This scent is really soft and feminine. It’s a good balance of fruity and floral. It has a spring flower note although I can’t remember ever smelling plumeria in real life so I can’t say if it’s that or something else. The pear is definitely in there, and fortunately (for my skin) the champagne is hardly noticeable. I don’t do so well with other champagne blends (The Hamptons, Bon Vivant) but this is a much lighter champagne–just enough to lighten up the pear and plumeria.

    I think it would be work-appropriate for me, but you’d have to see how the champagne does on your own skin.

  5. luxdancer

    Wet: Bubbly, fruity with a hint of floral that does remind me of plumeria flowers. My guy thinks it reminds him of a sugary soda, like Sprite. Once it hits my skin, it’s mostly flowery and sweet, he said it was Sweet Tarts with a bit of something extra.

    Dry: The sugary sweetness fades and it’s a very pleasant light fruity/flowery scent. I wish it lasted longer or had more throw because I really enjoy it!

  6. xaglow

    The plumeria is the strongest note when this one it wet. I’m not sure I could discern the champagne, perhaps that was what kept this scent from being too warm. The pear added a little bit of sweetness when this one dried.

    I liked it, but I’m not sure it fits me, personally.

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