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Witches' Kitchen

Witches’ Kitchen


Frans Francken II
Belladonna accord, sprigs of rue, crushed hyssop, white sage, beeswax, mandrake leaf, bay rum, black honey, hemp, and myrrh.

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Pickman Gallery 2015


Sympathy for the Devil: An Intimate Evening With Old Scratch and Hecate’s Inheritance: Witches, Our Sisters
on view at the Pickman Gallery from September 18 to December 28, 2015

Arkham, MA (March 13, 2015)— On view from September 18 through December 28, 2015, at Pickman Gallery, Arkham, MA, Sympathy for the Devil: An Intimate Evening With Old Scratch and Hecate’s Inheritance: Witches, Our Sisters. Sympathy for the Devil is guest curated by the Rhode Island School of Design’s Henry Anthony Wilcox. In this exhibition, Mr. Wilcox explores the many faces of the Son of the Morning, from Fallen Angel to Dapper Devil to Devourer of Souls. Hecate’s Inheritance was generously lent to Pickman Gallery by the Musée de Cauchemars in Paris, and is sponsored by Die Württembergischen Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Studien über Hexerei und Zauberei in an effort to further promote coven recruitment and academic research.

Hecate’s Inheritance showcases thirteen exquisite depictions of witches and their craft, including the works of Albert-Joseph Pénot, Henry Fuseli, Jean Veber, Frans Francken II, James Gillray, Jan de Bisschop, Jean van der Velde II, Agostino Veneziano, John Nixon, and John William Waterhouse. Sympathy for the Devil includes a selection of seven visions of He Who Shuns the Light by Jean Miélo, Nikolai Kalmakoff, Louis Boulanger, Michał Elwiro Andriolli, Paul Mathey, Thomas Stothard, and Henry Fuseli.

A private reception will be held at Pickman Gallery during the lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015, from midnight until 3am. RSVP required. Refreshments provided by Sister Shoggoth’s Microbrewery (Home of the original Protoplasmic Bubble Beer), Innsmouth Harbor Fishery, and the Old Arkham Cheese Shoppe.

Sympathy for the Devil was made possible by the generous support of Elizabeth Barrial, director of the Black Phoenix Foundation for the Arts, and TJ Barrial, Visual Arts Professor and Department Chair at the Dunwich Academy of Arts, and was organized for the Celephaïs Athenæum by Brian Constantine, Curator of Sculpture for the Clark Ashton Smith Memorial Gallery. Hecate’s Inheritance is sponsored by Die Württembergischen Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Studien über Hexerei und Zauberei, the Wüttemberg Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Witchcraft and Sorcery.

About the Pickman Gallery
The Pickman Gallery is the Miskatonic Valley’s premier privately-owned art gallery. Founded in 1923 by interdimensionally renowned portrait artist Richard Upton Pickman, the Gallery offers the Miskatonic Valley community a dynamic roster of stimulating, dread-provoking exhibitions and enriching public programs. Though the Pickman generally focuses on Aestheticism and Decadence, nearly all artistic movements have been represented throughout the years. Exhibitions organized by the Pickman have featured the works of both local and international artists, and have encompassed all of the visual arts, including printmaking, photography, sculpture, video, film, and performance.

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