Black Satin Sheet Ghost Perfume Oil $28.00

Black Satin Sheet Ghost Perfume Oil


Sleek, chic, très gothique! Nothing says “this party is strictly for adults” like a costume that renders the wearer virtually invisible to motorists. One can’t help but admire the black satin sheet ghost’s dedication to both Thanatos and Eros, having punched a person-shaped hole into the world and then leaving it to our imaginations to fill that billowing void. Most likely an inhuman presence, since only the most decadent or depraved individual would sacrifice such fancy linens to the party gods for a single night of prowling (alternately, if it’s a polyester imitation, they are masochistic to the core).

Glimmering lacquered black patchouli drenched in mate, clary sage, narcissus, and opium tar.

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