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Shelter Perfume Oil


A fundamental problem that I believe most of us share right now is that we have very little sense of safety. To say that the world is in chaos is a grievous understatement, and it can all be incredibly overwhelming. One of the most difficult things right now is finding a baseline; how do you build when your foundation is made of sand? How can you stand strong when the ground is thick with slippery ooze?

I built this oil to help form a sense of fundamental safety, a solid bedrock that you can build from. This is an oil of stability and grounding that will help you find the strength to keep going.

This oil contains warm brown patchouli, angelica root, oakmoss absolute, lemongrass, vetiver, bourbon vanilla absolute, lavender bud, ginger root, spruce, vervain, three sages, and barley.

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  1. Erin

    I got mainly citrus out of this. I ordered Shelter and Doomscroll Blocker at the same time, and I actually wondered if the labels got switched, because DB lists sweet orange as a note but it comes through very little, while this is quite citrusy (probably the lemongrass). I don’t know how many of the other notes I’m really picking up on, but there’s a warm spicy backdrop that might be the patch and ginger. It’s warm, sweet, and cozy, but manages to still be fresh and unimposing. Between this and White Rose the Twilight Alchemy Lab scents might be my new favorites!

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