Alabaster Vulva Perfume Oil $26.00

Alabaster Vulva Perfume Oil


White amber and sheer vanilla, orris butter, Italian bergamot, and narcissus.

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A limited edition Salon series celebrating the joy, humor, playfulness, and thrill of sexual intercourse through scent interpretations of Edo era Japanese erotic art.

This is a Limited Edition series that will run through 2 May 2018. No imp’s ears are available for this series.

While we have listed the notes of these scents for your edification and convenience, we prefer not to offer any descriptive passages for these scents.


  1. Jenjin

    This takes me into the springtime field lined with happy faced flowers, wafting butterflies and blushing cheeks. Very elegant and refined, the vanilla is light and slightly sweet, drying down to a creamy skin scent that reminds me a bit of sugary marshmallows. The florals balance out the vanilla nicely, giving it a bit of air. This is a gorgeous, simple, versatile fragrance with just a bit of veiled innocence. Perfect for snuggling up with your lover (or yourself).

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