Euphrosyne Perfume Oil $4.50$19.50

Euphrosyne Perfume Oil



Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla and jasmine.

Est deus in nobis.

The Grataæ

The Graces, the Charities, the  Gratiæ: Goddesses of beauty, charm, celebration and merriment. They are the personification of all these aspects as found in both nature and mortal life. Daughters of Zeus and the oceanid Eurynome, they are Aphrodite’s attendants and work in harmony with the Muses as fountains of inspiration in the arts. In their aspect as fertility and nature deities, these Goddesses are associated with the Underworld and the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. elliebruyeres

    I love this fragrance. It smells sweet and clean, but not cloying or “girly”. The scent doesn’t linger very strongly, but it does stick around for a very long time. I can’t smell it when I put my nose up to my wrist, but I can smell it while just walking around. I was complimented on the way I smelled while I was wearing it and the admirer did not believe me that it was a fragrance, they thought it was just the way I smelled. 🙂

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