Kurukulla Perfume Oil $4.60$19.75

Kurukulla Perfume Oil


The Tibetan goddess of love and wealth. Her scent is a harmonious, sweet, enchanting blend of three lotus blooms and three roses.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Ruth

    Roses? Lotus? This smells like a candied apple on me. Delicious and lovely, completely edible. Very wholesome and good too. Something hopeful and new. I will order a big bottle and hoard it as I should have hoarded Jabberwocky. It is a treasure.

  2. Sabrina

    I received this as a freebie with all the other imps I purchased. The moment I opened it I was immediately transported back to being a child at Vanna’s Pumpkinland (a seasonal Halloween themed pumpkin farm) in their gift shop digging around for wearable witch fingers out of the bins. I was trying to find matching ones. Why this scent brought out that memory I can’t understand but I was very happy that day. Now I’m happy I discovered this.

  3. mariclare

    This stuff makes me feel like a goshdarn Queen. Big bottle for sure.

  4. walker

    As described, amazingly sweet roses. I seem to love all bpal rose oils. This one is just as lovely as the others. Almost like a tea rose on me. Timeless.

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