Acid-Laced Butterscotch Lozenge Perfume Oil $28.00

Acid-Laced Butterscotch Lozenge Perfume Oil


Kids and old people love ’em! Too bad this bright ‘n’ shiny morsel holds a terrible, trippy, low-pH secret…

Illustration by Drew Rausch!

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Weight 1 oz


  1. Poenari

    My husband loves those “grandpa” butterscotch hard candies and took his place as a rightful grandpa with them in his pocket a few years ago. The butterscotch is strong in this one and immediately brings them to mind! But there is an undercurrent of something dark and sinister in a spicy way. I’m pretty sure that it’s ginger. The way that it appears just under the surface from where the butterscotch lays, is so unique, and takes away from the sugary sweetness that butterscotch turns on me. As it wears on, the dark spiciness is very familiar to me from my favorite super spicy pumpkin scent, 2009 Pumpkin IV, which has this same dark gingery vibe. Instead of pumpkin, add butterscotch and these could be cousins. I really love this one!

    Nice throw and wear length on this one.

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