Lye-Filled Bubble Gum Perfume Oil $28.00

Lye-Filled Bubble Gum Perfume Oil


If only the flavor lasted as long as the burning!

Illustration by Drew Rausch!

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  1. Poenari

    So… My husband is a professional furniture refinisher – has been for over 45 years. I know the smell of lye all too well, as it is one of the main chemicals in a hot tank used for stripping heavily painted doors and old woodwork. The second I opened the bottle, I could smell lye! That familiar smell also found in drain cleaners and soap making. It’s a smell described as similar to ammonia, but I disagree with that. But if you have ever smelled drain cleaner, you would recognize it.

    The lye note is astounding to me. But don’t worry, it dries down and fades very quickly. The bubblegum note is right there to take over. Sweet, chewy Bubblelicious gum! It has that fruity sweet bubblegum note, and I can barely detect the lye note after a few minutes. It seems to keep the bubblegum from going sickly sweet though, which is a good thing to me.

    After about 10 minutes on my wrist, the bubblegum has mellowed and I detect the slightest hint of spice – just a touch, the way bubblegum flavors fade and morph quickly in your mouth. The throw isn’t strong and this is actually quite wearable!

    This is absolutely hilarious. I cannot fathom how Elizabeth does it, but this is a very realistic scent of exactly what it says. I can’t wait to have my young grandson try this!

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