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Fake News Perfume Oil


2016 turned out to be the year of the NASTY WOMAN — and thanks to your purchases, BPAL was able to donate thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List!

Unfortunately, 2017 is already shaping up to be the year of FAKE NEWS. In anticipation of the upcoming inaugural proceedings — and the months, nay years of high-volume dishonesty that are to follow — we offer the following blend to help penetrate the dense fog of of misinformation that’s already begun settling around Truth, Justice, and other historically celebrated American ideals.

Wear it in vigilance as you sift through the memes, trolls, clickbait, hate-speech, and outright propaganda that continually threaten to overwhelm all the world’s kindness, wisdom, and informed expertise. Wear it in courage as you refute ignorance and insincerity at every turn — even from our nation’s highest-ranking figures — with indisputable facts from well-researched sources.

And try not to lose your sense of humor as you fight back, or your own essential humanity. As Anne Lamott once wrote: “You don’t always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it too.”

FAKE NEWS: A scent of misdirection, of 140 frantic characters typed out in spite at 3am, and paranoia-clouded churlish accusations hurled at perceived enemies: crushed pink pepper pod, bitter white tobacco, gnarled patchouli, all covered in glinting, garish slashes of gold.

Proceeds from FAKE NEWS will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, non-partisan defender of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

When purchasing, be sure to include your twitter handle in the Notes section of our order form — for every bottle you buy, we will tweet one fake news headline about you from our Twitter account (@BPAL

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  1. thepotatogirlz

    Apparently I’ve had a very different but equally amazing experience from the other reviewers – this starts out as a ridiculously expensive, generic, department-store-esque combo of pink peppercorn and amber, which did not sit well with me. After about 10-15 minutes, however… I can only describe the change as the scent turning itself inside-out. All brightness fades, the pink peppercorn disappears, and the amber is overpowered by dark, dirty, woodsy tobacco and patchouli. It makes me feel like I’m a morally-grey forest creature who has just risen out of the rotting log I’ve been sleeping in for the past 500 years to wreak some havoc.

  2. Amanda

    This is truly a wonderful scent.

  3. larnbarn

    This is by far one of the best scents I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, and I’m sad to find that it’s limited edition. It was given to me as a gift from a friend on my birthday, and I was elated to find that it was very long lasting and strong on me; I got complements on how I smelled from everyone. The notes of tobacco, pepper, and patchouli stand out on me most, and it creates a nice musky, almost, but not quite, baby powdery scent. It’s a bit darker and dewier than other floral musks I’ve tried like Lust. Will be stocking up on this. I’ll be sad to see it go!

  4. Gloame

    So soft and warm. It is a bit quirky, but unlike certain tweets, it makes me happy. I would wear it daily, but I didn’t give it 5 stars because it disappeared on me pretty quick. 🙁

  5. Hellokoi

    I didn’t like the patchouli in Nasty Woman at all, but this is warm, snuggly, sweet, almost gourmand patchouli on my skin. I keep thinking it smells like creamy vanilla and patchouli, with an undertone of cuddly musk. Perfumey/musky, but not sharp or cheap smelling. Sweet and lovely.

  6. hlinspjalda

    Friendly sweet patchouli pairs with a slowly developing golden amber note to make this a huge win on my chemistry. Punctuated with just enough bitter from the tobacco and a few peppery sparkles, it’s a perfect day wear scent, adult without being overtly sexy and sweet without being foody or fruity. I’m adding this to my slowly developing collection of #resist scents.

  7. Jenjin

    The Bluebird with the triple dagger calls to me in a bewitching way. A cry of truth to look through the veil. GORGEOUS green patchouli, clean leaning toward slightly minty. Fresh, feminine and upscale, it’s perfectly balanced/blended with the white tobacco. Sweet, sexy and exquisite, it settles into an exotic and intoxicating cloud. It’s so damn wearable, it makes me feel like a bombshell. I can’t really detect the “slashes of gold” except to say it smells like a million buck$$$
    I’m picking up a second bottle for me and to support the ACLU ♥︎

  8. Cassandra

    It smells outrageous! I agree with the previous review–even though my mother’s perfume was Opium, and does not smell the same as Fake News, the evocation was instantaneous. After the scent sets in, the patchouli seems dominant, which I love because it’s balanced by the pink pepper and white tobacco. And, best of all, it’s helpful to wear while throwing up every time you have to deal with a white male ranting about their rights being suppressed by people of color, LGBT, feminists, etc, or blustering about a war on Christmas, secret Muslims…

  9. janel.kisner

    Fake News is a beautiful scent. It smells sexy and expensive, like something you’d spend $300 on. Or the kind that brings back childhood memories of your mother getting ready to go out. It is a little hard to pick out individual notes because they meld beautifully, but I’d say it is sweet and slightly earthy. The pepper and tobacco are probably more dominant, although hard to pick out. Both are sweet rather than dry. The patchouli is sweet rather than “hippyish”, and far in the background, that I barely smell it. I don’t get sharp or zesty notes. The first day I wore it, couldn’t stop sniffing all day. It’s well worth the purchase, even if just to support the ACLU.

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