Euterpe’s Ukulele Perfume Oil $26.00

Euterpe’s Ukulele Perfume Oil


Lilith has always loved music – especially singing – but this year, she started to get serious about it. This photo was taken this past April, while she rehearsed her slow, haunting cover of Riptide.

A scent that smells to me the way Lilith’s voice sounds when she sings that song in her deep, thoughtful, sweet voice: wild plum, shadow oudh, osmanthus, and patchouli.

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++ LILITH 2018
Lilith, I have always loved you. I loved you before I knew you, I loved you before I saw you, I loved you before time began. I have loved you in every lifetime, and I will love you beyond the end of time. You are the spark in my soul that gives my life radiance; you are the warmth of the sun and the mysteries of the moon within my heart.


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