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Banana Bread Perfume Oil


This is a really blunt and direct name for a BPAL scent, isn’t it? I tried things like the UnBaker, the AntiChef… none of it worked.

Here’s the story: Lilith has always LOVED to cook and she has been obsessed with cooking shows ever since she was a toddler, but she hates eating new things. She is the pickiest eater that I’ve ever known, and whenever she signs up for a cooking class, she ends up just giving whatever she made to me and Ted to eat. She never tries her own cooking unless it’s yellow cake, buttercream frosting, or confetti cupcakes – the rest goes to mom, dad, her uncle, her grandparents, her friends, or whoever happens to be there when she’s done.

Anyway, here’s a perfume dedicated to Lilith making banana bread that she didn’t even taste.

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  1. Lunashayde

    In the bottle it is strong banana scent, with the bread coming in after. On the skin for me, it loses the strong banana scent and goes more towards a spiced bread scent. It’s a nice warm scent that makes you want to cuddle up in a blanket and read a good book while sipping a hot beverage.

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