The Moon Goddess Perfume Oil $26.00

The Moon Goddess Perfume Oil


Virgin, huntress, witch, holding the mysteries and powers of womanhood between her palms: vetiver, white pine,  hay, Sicilian lemon, leather, and agarwood.

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  1. Jessica

    So Dee has been one of my personal favorite scents for a while, and after receiving both my second bottle of it and ordering The Moon Goddess on a whim with it… I have to say that this is a very complimentary and slightly more feminine scent.

    Bottle: It smells a lot like walking into an occult or metaphysical shop, with a very sharp and tangy scent of freshly cut wood and vetiver.

    Wet Application: The woodsy, musky scent transferred immediately to my skin. This is a very deep and somewhat moody fragrance but it also has a dryness to it that reminds me a bit of Death on a Pale Horse but without the sweeter, floral notes. Despite it’s earthier tones, there’s a very elegant quality to it, though. I can’t detect much of the lemon scent on me, but it may be adding to the sharpness in the bottle.

    Drying: After almost an hour some of the sharp notes have mellowed out and the hay is detectable, as is a faint whiff of soft leather. Think kidskin gloves rather than the more masculine English leather in Dee. There’s a faint sweetness to it that’s more feminine and very appealing.

    Overall, I think I’ll be wearing this fragrance for more special occasions when I feel the need to dress up.

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