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The Pancake Bell Perfume Oil


On the morning of Shrove Tuesday the whole kingdom is quiet, but by the time the clock strikes eleven, there is a Bell rung, call’d the Pancake Bell, the sound whereof makes thousands of people distracted, and forgetful either of manners or humanities. Then there is a thing cal’d wheaten flower, which the Cookes doe mingle with water, Egges, Spice and other tragical magical enchantments, and then they put it by little and little into a Frying pan of boiling Suet, where it make a dismal hissing, until at the last by the skill of the Cookes, it is transformed into the forme of a flap-jack, which in our translation is call’d a Pancake which the ignorant people doe devour very greedily.

– John Taylor’s Jack a Lent (1620)


Honey ale, roasted nuts, gingerbread, daryole, and sweet cakes.

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