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Neptunite Phoenix Perfume Oil


Often found with Aegirine, a mineral named after Aegir, the jötunn of the ocean. A deep, inky scent, as shadowed and strange as an abyssal trench: a salt-crusted black musk with black orchid, luminescent jasmine, water lily, and kelp.

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17th Anniversary: the Geology Series
This is part anniversary celebration, part Genius Loci series. We are all inextricably linked to the land we live on; Black Phoenix is no different.

California is defined by her mountains and valleys, her fault lines and her batholiths, her murderous deserts and her lush forests — an unmatched diversity of landscapes and communities. From the deserts of Mojave to the sandy beaches, and all the towering mountain ranges that thrust themselves between, this is a land of pressure and release, dreams and devastation — and infinite promise. Ours is a rich, strange, delirious, and fierce history, and Black Phoenix is proud to call California home. Our roots run deep here.

This series is dedicated to the spirits of the land itself — of the minerals, rocks, and glittering things that lie deep within the earth.

This series is dedicated to beauty forming under pressure.


[Image: Rare map of California and the Southwest illustrating California as an island called Nova Mexico and including Cibola, Anian, and Quivira, among other mythical places. Published in 1661 by Pierre du Val.]

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