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The Goddess of Mischief


Lilith has a ton of empathy for the God of Mischief. I think many kids identify with Loki because they know what it’s like to be passed over, to be ignored in favor of a shinier relative or friend, and what it feels like to not be as strong or powerful as some of your peers. He may be evil(ish), but he has a sense of humor and a grasp of irony that kids relate to, and that’s worth its weight in Alfheimian gold nuggets.

Thor is great and all, but Loki has /gone through some shit/, and Lilith respects that.

But what are the main reasons why Lilith digs Loki? “He looks like me, and he’s really funny.”

Girl!Loki costume by Chrissy Lynn!

White lavender and sweet amber, green oudh, and inky musk.

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Lilith, my angel, I love you with all my heart. I love the hiccup’ing snorts of your bellylaugh, I love the strange stormy grey of your eyes. I love your fart jokes and your songs, I love our late night talks. I love everything about you, from your taste in shoes to your moral fiber. I love your kindness and your strength of character, I love your sense of humor and your sense of justice.

I love you, I love being your mom.

Happy birthday, Lilith.


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