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Knecht Ruprecht Perfume Oil


I came here from the forest
I tell you, it is a very holy night!
All over the tips of the firs
I saw bright flashes of golden light;
And from above, the gates of heaven
I saw with open eyes the Christ-child
and as I wander through the dark forest
I hear a light voice calling me.
“Knecht Ruprecht” it called, “Old man
Lift your legs and hurry! Fast!

The candles alight
the gates of heaven open wide
old and young
shall rest from the hunt of life
and tomorrow I shall fly to earth
as it shall be Christmas again!”

I said: “O dear master, Christ
My trip is almost at an end;
It is only this one town / where the children are good”.
“Do you have your sack with you?”
I said: “The sack, it is here;
apples, nuts and almonds
solemn children do enjoy”.
“Do you also have your cane?”
I said: “The cane, it is here.
But only for the bad children,
to hit their right rear”.

The Christ-child spoke: “That is good;
So go with god my faithful servant!”
I came here from the forest
I tell you, it is a very holy night!
Speak now how I find it here
Are the children good or bad?

The snow-covered foliage of the Black Forest and the fruit and woods of apple and almond trees.

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