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Sugar Plum Black Phoenix Perfume Oil


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  1. Lunashayde

    In the bottle you get a strong plum smell. Not the super ripe sweet ones, the one that are almost there with just a slight tartness to it. You can smell some of the sugar, but it’s almost cool, like it was rolled in course sugar, not a thick warm sugar syrup. The Black Phoenix is there, but it’s not screaming “Here I am” What does Black Phoenix smell like? Someone in another review said it reminds the of Dr, Pepper or even a Cherry Coke. It does kinda smell like that, just without the sharpness , fizzyness of carbonation and a hint of flowers. On my skin the plum mellows out and finds a balance with all the other scents. I plan on wearing this with the Crack of Thunder hair gloss to really amp up the plumy goodness. Also shameless plug for the hair gloss, smells sooooo good and leaves your hair soft.

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