Knave of Snowflakes Perfume Oil $28.00

Knave of Snowflakes Perfume Oil


Blackcurrant tarts and chilled rose jam.

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  1. Claire

    In the bottle this is a super sweet scent, almost overwhelmingly so.

    On me it starts out as watery blackberries with a hint of rose. Still very sweet, but with actual notes as opposed to in the bottle where it’s just pure sweetness. As it dries down it gets a little more muted and the backdrop of Snow White becomes more apparent. At this stage it’s basically Snow White with watery blackberries. The rose is harder to detect, but lingers in the background. It’s a good scent. I had expected it to be more like a pastry, but this really isn’t that at all. It brings to mind a tea party in the snow where everything is just a little frozen over.

  2. Lunashayde

    This scent is drastically different than the Knave of Hearts. Hearts is warm pie fresh from the oven. Snowflake is you are walking to deliver a slice of pie to your neighbor in the middle of a snow storm. You can smell the crust and the black currents, but it is no longer warm and gooey. The rose jam is slightly there, but if you were expecting ROSE, no it’s drifting on the chilly wind. There is a chill to the scent, not really mint, it’s more metallic. This is a nice subtle fragrance.

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