The Earth Mother Perfume Oil $26.00

The Earth Mother Perfume Oil


The personification of nature itself: patchouli and clary sage with a host of dark mosses and lichens, wild grasses, warm acorns, dammar, burgundy pitch, pine needles, mandrake root, hay absolute, and sweet vetiver.

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  1. Rebecca

    The Earth Mother smells like the Sierra Nevada in summer. Evergreens, dry grasses, dry lichens, dry twigs snapping underfoot, silvery sage. It is incredibly evocative of time spent in the California mountains as a child. This is darker than Theoi Nomioi, drier than This Is Your Wilderness. In addition to pine, pitch and patchouli, I get a lot of vetiver in The Earth Mother, so if you fear vetiver, you may want to steer clear. But if a summer forest near the timberline appeals to you, add this to your cart.

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