The Forest of the Empress Perfume Oil $26.00

The Forest of the Empress Perfume Oil


A verdant grove of evergreens, the promise of peace, quiet, and refuge within the heart of Nature’s embrace: clusters of clubmoss huddle silently under a gently shadowed canopy of silver fir, blue spruce, red cedar, cypress, and live oak.

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  1. erin.cashion

    This amazing journey starts with a hike in the rich temperate forests of the Northwestern US with mist dripping from the cedars and junipers. The scent of it fills the room. These volatile notes vanish within 20 minutes or so, leaving a powdery hint of high elevation pine forest behind. I don’t enjoy this stage as much, so I usually help the development along with a little water. The final incarnation is a lingering subtle sweetness that is neither floral nor foody, and can only be detected at close proximity. I love getting little whiffs of it throughout the day. And it does last ALL. DAY.

  2. katietribe

    Beautiful scent that is literally like walking through a forest (I work in forests so I can say that with some authority). Starts off bold with spruce and cedar, like sap without the stickiness, and undertones of perhaps juniper? Then it sticks around with the sweetness of a Douglas fir tree. I love this scent and am so glad I took the leap of faith and bought the full bottle.

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