Choke Me Perfume Oil $29.00

Choke Me Perfume Oil


[CW: rough sex, consensual violence, superficial injury]

Salty tears streaming down cherry red cheeks.


[Breath-play is inherently risky, approach with caution and in an educated, mutually consensual way!]

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Weight 1 oz


  1. BanxeXx

    For those curious, I for one am to see how this will age. At about a week now, this one is VERY VERY salty. The cherry notes are a bit off due to this. I’m sure this fades and has sexy undertones once it does, but the smell straight from the bottle is quite nauseating as is. I’m willing to steep it longer to see if it actually behaves how I’d like it to, this may also wear better once it’s warmer out. It’s mainly salty musk and artificial cherry candy scent. The cherry is very much in the background.

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