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Sea of Glass


Upon the Sea of Glass, glowing with the perfection of spiritual union and the radiance of true wisdom, rests the throne of God. A scent of inimitable purity, crystalline grace, and limitless light.

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Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. lindsay.vanzandt

    This scent makes me feel wise, tranquil, and eternal. A soft, calming scent that evokes the quiet serenity of still water. I am in love.

  2. Gincat

    I’m sitting on the beach in a bower of white lilies. Just beautiful. Will want many bottles of this!

  3. MageLocusta

    As a huge fan of ocean-inspired scents, I can tell you that Sea of Glass smells like the Mediterranean ocean. It is bright, luminous, colorful and sparkling and it actually kinda reminds me of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea perfume. This fragrance is also multi-dimensional with some lemon citrusy zest, but the citrus feels more smooth and juicy than acrid (and while there is a saltiness to it, it’s more like a faint salty spray that I could only detect if I press my nose against my wrist). So in conclusion: I’m glad to have tried this–this is a great starter in testing out BPAL’s aquatics, 5/5!

  4. abovezenith

    Reminds me of aquatic scented candles. Very fresh smelling and refreshing. I will use this as a summer scent or as a room scent.

  5. Gloame

    This is another scent that I find works better as a room scent and/or masculine scent. It smells really fresh and watery. It makes me think of spring cleaning in a good way. I love how it smells, but it’s not the right smell for me. I passed it on to my BF and he’s wild about it. I like it on him a lot.

  6. callipsofacto

    The description on this seemed a bit vague to me, but now that I’ve smelled it I can’t really describe it any better than BP did. Refreshing, energetic? It’s very nice, whatever it is.

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