Sour Pard Alchemy Lab Perfume Oil $26.00

Sour Pard Alchemy Lab Perfume Oil


In case you’re wondering whether we’d actually have the balls to forge ahead with such an openly testy mascot, the answer is: not yet… but you stand warned.

Ginjinha and dried red fruits, bitter almond, carnation, tonka bean, and red musk.

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After sixteen years of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, it’s easy to take certain parts of our journey for granted — including our own name and mascot. However, considering the breadth of our classical influences, the capriciousness of our entrepreneurial spirit, and our overall dubious sense of humor, it could have so easily gone another way.

Let’s climb into our alchemy-powered time machine for a view of what might’ve been, if we’d succumbed to more questionable influences.


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