Black Phoenix products can be purchased online or at our retail store during our Full Moon Lunacy events.

The Salon: Traveling Exhibition Collection, as well as a selection of our general catalog scents, can be purchased at the following stores:


Gothic Renaissance, New York, NY

Gothic Renaissance, is an alternative fashion boutique, proudly catering to interesting people since the dawn of the 21st century. Here you will find all manner of unique clothing, accessories, decor, and many other oddities. We travel the world over to find the coolest things to offer our customers, and as our collection expands, the possibilities and inspirations become endless.

Gothic Renaissance 
110 4th Ave. NYC, NY
(212) 780-9558
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Mütter Musuem in Philadelphia, PA

Ü and Victorian Garden are available exclusively at:

Mütter Musuem
19 South Twenty-Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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(215) 563-3737

Ritual Cravt, Denver, Co

Ritual Cravt strives to bring essential items to you & your sacred spaces with care & gratitude. Made by witches, for witches.

Ritual Cravt
2842 W 44th Ave,
Denver, CO 80211
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