The Gatekeeper Perfume Oil $28.00

The Gatekeeper Perfume Oil


A dry perfume, solemn and riddled with ancient, whispered secrets: brittle bones, the well-worn leather spines of forgotten books, crumbling papyrus, and the warm, strange scent of yellowed, crumbling manuscripts.


+The Maze of Games
Perfume oil blends.
Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial. 
Due to the nature of this project, imps are unavailable.

Colleen stepped forward to within the figure’s reach. “Excuse me, Sir Skeleton? Who exactly are you?”

As the door slammed shut, the figure reached down to touch Colleen on the forehead. She recoiled from the cold.

“Why, child, I am the Gatekeeper,” he said with a forbidding smile, though in truth his skeletal face nade it hard to tell. “You unlucky children are about to enter my world. And if you keep your wits about you, you might make it out alive.

“So welcome,” he said as the Quaice siblings’ world went black. “Welcome, my young charges, to The Maze of Games.”

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is proud to debut THE GATEKEEPER, a haunting, puzzling scent in commemoration of The Maze of Games.
The Maze of Games is an upcoming interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker and illustrated by Pete Venters. It contains over 50 puzzles and a deeply engaging story, all woven together in a “solve your own adventure” style which will keep you jumping from page to page.

The main characters are teenagers Colleen and Samuel Quaice, who live in England in the year 1897. During a visit to the Upper Wolverhampton Library, they discover a musty book called The Maze of Games. This summons a mysterious skeletal guardian named the Gatekeeper, who plunges them into dangerous mazes rife with monsters and bizarre puzzles. Only by solving their way through the mazes will the Quaice children find their way home.
In honor of this enchanting novel, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is pleased to debut a limited-edition potion that will keep you guessing for days on end.

Get more information about The Maze of Games here!


  1. darlingsweet

    in the bottle: the smell of paper and bone(?) is very strong and slightly musty and almost sharp.

    freshly applied: about the same, but a little gentler with more of the old book seeping out into the scent. i personally find it very pleasant and i’m definitely getting that old library vibe that i love. though i’m not getting much leather yet

    dry down: the leather def starts to come through a bit more after the 1st hour, but doesn’t change after that. this sticks pretty close to skin which is nice, but it also faded fairly quickly for me. overall i really like it and i think it might last longer if i use a bigger dose next time since i’m generally pretty conservative with my scents due to powerful perfumes like Bengal being more my normal fare. i’m def adding this into my normal rotation for when i need something more subtle though.

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