Job 31:32 Perfume Oil $33.00

Job 31:32 Perfume Oil


The stranger did not lodge in the street; but I opened my doors to the traveler.

Rahat lokum, bitter almond, wild fig, and roasted hazelnuts.


  1. Rebecca

    Job 31:32 was an instant favorite. Rahat lokum is Turkish delight, and I think this one may be made with a bit of rosewater. The opening was all roasted hazelnuts and almond, then chewy dark fig and the Turkish delight showed up. Sweet, rich, nutty, but not totally foodie — I think this will be a wonderful autumn scent. I got good throw when wet and really good wear length.

  2. azacdesignsclothing

    Smells invoke a old temple or wandering the streets of a exotic bazaar. Wears nicely with a perfumy yet subtle lingering fragrance.

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