Aquarius Socks! $15.00

Aquarius Socks!


We would never dare to tell an Aquarius what to do, or how to shop. Instead, we’ll merely leave these pictures and details here for them to discover independently, in hopes that our comfy AQUARIUS socks appeal to their eccentric and spontaneous sense of style.

Created in the USA by the wonderful people at Sock Dreams for Black Phoenix, these socks are exclusive to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab!

They’re made from 80% cotton, 15% nylon and 5% elastic!

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  1. Claire

    These are great! Very cozy. I like how thick and plush the material is and they really stay in place. My shins are about 15″ around and they fit well; not too tight, just a little snug, but maybe shins much wider than that might have a little trouble. All in all, highly recommend!

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