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Les Fleurs du Mal


The scents of the blossoms of darkness, condensed into one perfume. Features a rose base, softened with lilac and wisteria.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. Elizabeth

    I love love LOVE this sensual floral! To me it is what Creed’s Spring Flowers should have been if it did not go all sour on me. It is sexy, not girly or grandmother like, and it does not go powdery on me like other BPAL roses. The lilac and wisteria complement the rose gorgeously and do not get to sweet. A big bottle or two is definitely in my future!

  2. hotaru1301

    age unknown; previously owned
    In the bottle: The wisteria comes out first. Then the lilac and the rose come forward on the deep inhale. I knew I would love this blend based off its components. I was right. I can identify each of the florals, but neither one is overpowering the others.

    wet on skin: Everything blends beautifully. The rose and wisteria feel like they are on either end of a breath and the lilac ties them together in the middle. This is so very floral yet gentle. Not a single one of the notes overpowers the others. This is surprising because all three are strong scents by themselves. I’m really liking this one.

    worn 30+ mins: the lilac is really mellow and soft and the rose is blending more with the wisteria. I love it, my friend says it smells like clean laundry.

    3+ hours: All that remains in the forefront is a really mellow, faded wisteria. The rose is still gentle and smooth, the lilac is slightly sweetened. This is one of my more favorite floral scents. It is lovely. It brings to mind ballroom dresses and waltzes in a beautiful twilight garden.

  3. Ginnis Tonik

    A strong, heady floral. The rose isn’t singular on me – it blends well with the lilac and wisteria. I like the melancholy of it, but it’s such a heady floral that I probably wouldn’t buy a full size. I will keep my imp though.

  4. xaglow

    I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on this one. I like that it isn’t powdery as some floral scents can come across as. I’m not sure I could detect any rose, even when this one was dry.

  5. Sara

    a whispery, delicate rose with a hint of lilac. wistful and romantic. it feels Victorian, like an old parlor full of lace and dried flowers.

  6. Nuri

    I got this as an imp. the Lilac and Wisteria really balance each other well with just that little hint of dirtiness from the rose in the background. It is a really nice scent

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