Jareth Perfume Oil $32.00

Jareth Perfume Oil


“I ask for so little.
Just let me rule you…
and you can have everything that you want.

Just fear me…
…love me…
…do as I say and I will be your slave.”

Ethereal lilac fougere and gleaming leather with ti leaf, tonka absolute, white musk, and oudh.

labyrinthLogoThe Labyrinth Collection
Scents based on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth film.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.
Because of the nature of this project, imps are not available for any Labyrinth scents.


  1. zgravesschool

    delicate and decadent in equal opposing measure. this is the crazed child emperor of the perfume world, and it is my honor and privilege to pledge fealty to such a king. its like you combined tom fords tobacco oud, and tobacco vanille, then subtracted the wine-tip black-and-mild note and binged on so many london fog-floats and biscotti that you need a shot of insulin. exactly as beguiling, cruel, poised, and crazy as jareth himself. a perfect olfactory royal portrait of the king of the labyrinth.

  2. gaia.earth24

    I like this perfume. I am a huge Labyrinth fan so I absolutely had to get it. It’s androgynous and a little sexy.
    I can definitely pick up the leather from the bottle but I lose it once it goes on my skin. I don’t get vanilla notes as much. It’s also not necessarily super floral. It unfortunately smells too clean on my skin, kinda soapy, a little powdery. It lasts ALL day for me. It’s very light and soft and something that I can envision Bowie himself loving.
    I was hoping it would be earthier on my skin. That’s not going to stop me from wearing it, however.

  3. ldircks91

    Jareth is, appropriately, as androgynous as its namesake. The oudh is strong while wet, but on my skin, that woody base mixes well with the sweetness of the lilac and vanilla, making this scent absolutely enchanting. Normally, any leather note is enough to turn me off, but this formula only has the barest hint of leather and it really compliments the white musk note. Ethereal and hypnotic — be careful not get drowsy . . .

  4. Courtney

    This scent is for everyone. When Wanderlust was out of stock, I purchased this. And I am glad I did! I love the lilac scent. It is a light scent, but strong, as it stays through the day. Now both Wanderlust and Jareth are out of stock and I am sad.

  5. Amber

    Out of the variety of scents I wear, I get compliments on this one the most.

    Not overtly masculine with the lilac, but that seems to mellow quickly after wearing for a short time. It still has a light, sweet smell, but the notes of leather come out when warmed on the skin. Strangely enough, the earthier notes are more noticeable on me than when my partner tried wearing it. It retained much more of the floral smell on him.

  6. hotaru1301

    In the bottle: there’s a subtle tang, with an oiled leather scent. I can smell something wood like. There is an alcohol like scent, not strong like Isopropyl but cloying like the breath of whiskey or brandy. I can’t identify any lilac floral scent or the musk. They’ve already blended with the other components.
    Wet On Skin: I can smell oiled leather, velvet and deep almost wilted greens. The intoxicating component of the lilac fougere must be the main scent that I can’t identify. This reminds me of men’s cologne. That brandy like scent is melting into the leather scent. This is refined decadence, a very mature scent.
    30+ mins worn: There is a soft velvety wood scent under the leather. This must be the Oudh. The sharp tangy bite has mellowed out. It is a note that tickles your nose for a moment then melts into the musk. I still get that oiled leather scent. This is coming up as a very masculine scent to me. I still get a mellow brandy like cloying scent.
    Worn 3+ hours: That oiled leather is still supple and sweet, there is no powdery dry down here. The masculinity have mellowed. There is a little something that tickles my allergies (maybe the lilac fougere or the oudh). This could now be a unisex/unigender scent- it is not overtly masculine or feminine. It has mellowed into an androgynous blend. This is a wonderful scent, definitely something I can associate with Bowie, but I just can’t wear it everyday.

  7. crystallineknowledge

    Jareth himself would enjoy his namesake scent, I think, and I loved it! It smelled quite delicate in the bottle, definitely with the lilac scent, but on me, it was a deeper, more warm scent than I thought it might be. I’m not sure if it was the white musk or the leather, but it reminded me of a slightly softer, sweeter Obsession by Calvin Klein, which is a scent I’m quite familiar with. If it was identical I might have been annoyed, but it has nuances that are not present in Obsession, and raise to a more elegant scent. I think this would wear well on any gender, and I would highly recommend it to any who desire a clean, sweet, and sophisticated scent fit for a Goblin King.

  8. pupten

    I ordered this for my husband, who has a Jareth costume and needed the accompanying scent 😉

    In the bottle, it’s flowery and delicate, almost too much so for my husband. On his skin, we immediately notice the tonka absolute come through with its rich spicy vanilla layered over the floral lilac. The musk and ouhd are subtle, and the leather slowly creeps forth with a bay boy edge. After a few minutes, the leather and vanilla dominate. Hours later, he’s still smells of sweet, delicious vanilla. It’s a very nice scent for a very bad Goblin King. I presume it would work splendidly on women as well!

  9. Min

    Delicate and beautiful, I love it. The lilac comes through wonderfully; it’s so soft and well balanced, yet very present. Admittedly it doesn’t have great throwing power and I find it does need to be reapplied if you’re looking for an all-day scent, but that could just be the way it works on my skin.
    Sweet and magical and perfect for daytime – if you’re at all considering Jareth, I would definitely recommend going with it.

  10. Crystal Lynn

    smells like an autumn storm and a open window, your baby brother missing and all the clocks screaming–and somehow, also, everything you’ve ever wanted (but in a way that whispers wrongness, and you’re frightened, though you can’t remember why).

  11. Carmen

    My very first purchase, and I am very happy, with it. At first scent I smelled the strong sent of evergreen, but then it seemed to soften, and more than once, I swear. It’s perfect I am very happy with it.

  12. wickedtrue

    This is my absolute FAVORITE perfume! I am so surprised it does not have other reviews. I wear it almost every day, and I am not really a perfume person.

    I tried this at a convention, and I was lucky enough to get a sample. The staff was awesome when I meet them!

    This smells a little strong right from the bottle, but is still very pleasant. Once it has settled on my skin, it has a very light and pleasant scent that stays through the day. I think it has strong lilac tones on my skin, but a friend that also uses it and dislikes lilac says it is a pleasant floral and “clean” smell.

    I love this! It is hard to describe, but light and SO AWESOME. I recommend it to anyone that prefers a lighter scent!

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