Crack of Thunder Hair Gloss $30.00

Crack of Thunder Hair Gloss


Streaks of blue-white lightning slashing through a plum wine sky.

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Bedeck your locks (or snakes or horns or whatever you’re sporting up top) with scents gleaned from the Midway! Smell like you’ve stepped right off the platform of Carnaval Diabolique’s 13-in-One!

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Weight 5 oz


  1. Lunashayde

    If you like BPAL’s plum fragrance, you’ll love this. To me it has the smell of a not quite ripe plum, you know that kind of sharp greenness along w/ the a very lightly spiced white wine and the clean scent of rain or laundry soap. This is my go to for spring scents. If you double down on the Diabolique and mix it w/ the Mischief hair gloss, you get almost like a spiced poached plum like fragrance w/ the boost of cinnamon/allspice and red wine from it.

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